Today’s Economic Reality:

Inflation is rising and with it the cost of materials and labor.  A potential economic slowdown is looming. Competition is increasing. Employees are rethinking their relationships with their employers: do I want to work in an office and commute?  Does all the work done by your employees relate specifically to your line of business or can the non-strategic work be outsourced?  As you look to reduce hiring due to the potential slowdown, are there still projects to get completed?

What You Need:​

Are you searching for a business consultant to help you address today’s economic reality and solve issues affecting your revenue, expenses, operations, information systems or other business situations as described in About You?

Do you want a partner who is knowledgeable and easy to work with? Then, you have come to right place.

Our Promise:

We at Business Consulting Group promise to provide you and your company the following Value Proposition:

“We will use an economic, consultative approach that teaches you and your people how to leverage proven techniques with creative thinking to align all operational, financial and/or organizational activities with your company’s business strategy and brand promise to Maximize Your Company’s Profitability.

Who We Are:

The firm is led by two consultants each with over 30 years of consulting experience and over 40 years of general business experience in large and small private and public companies in a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, finance, information systems and publishing.

Please learn more about us by reviewing our bios in About Us.

What We Do:

At its very basic, we help our clients address business challenges associated with:

  • Improving Profitability by considering solutions such as increasing sales, optimizing prices, expanding product/service offerings, improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, streamlining logistics and shrinking overhead.
  • Maximizing Business Valuation by evaluating options such as optimizing finances, focusing investments into hard assets and enhancing ROI.

How We Do It:

We provide our help by:

  • Assisting you to accurately assess the situation; succinctly define problem(s), challenge(s) and goal(s); formulate a plan; and then coaching you and your team on how to apply specific methods and techniques to implement that plan with superior execution and be able to use what is learned to provide continuing improvement.
  • Knowing your industry, as well as a wide variety of other industries, allows us to teach you and your team “best practices” learned across a broad range of market knowledge. We do this while providing services to you that are associated with one or more of the following business functions:
    • Strategic Planning (e.g., Strategy, Planning and Budgeting for Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance, Information Systems and Administration)
    • Financing (e.g., Assess Capital Requirements, Identify Public and Private Funding Sources, Perform Due Diligence, Manage Crises and Turnarounds)
    • Revenue Enhancement (e.g., Develop Marketing and Channel Strategy, Increase Sales, Determine Pricing and Margins, Enhance Scalability of Product/Service Offerings, Improve Customer Relationship Management)
    • Operations Improvement (e.g., Improve Process Efficiency, Simplify Logistics, Reduce Costs via Value-Added Analysis, Change Management and Business Process Reengineering, Manage Crises and Turnarounds)
    • Information Systems (e.g., Strategize, Plan, Budget, Evaluate, Select, Develop, Outsource, Implement and/or Integrate Hardware, Software and Technology; Disaster Prevention and Recovery Planning)

Or, with one of these special service groupings:

    • Mergers and Acquisitions (e.g., Analyze Feasibility; Evaluate Targets; Perform Due Diligence; Prepare Deal Structure; Integrate Cultures, Personnel, Business Processes and Procedures, Information Systems and Finances)
    • Interim Management (e.g., Providing Temporary, Part-Time, Supplemental, Interim and Provisional Staffing/Management and/or Program Management, Project Management and Executive Rental/Leasing)

When and How We Start:

We don’t start the engagement until we have agreed on:

  • Scope: The issue(s) and function(s) to be addressed;
  • Method: The approach(es)/technique(s) to be used;
  • Our Involvement: From a single-person, part-time coach to a multi-member, full-time project team;
  • Expected Duration: Depicted by a High-Level Work Plan/Calendar; and
  • Billing Method and Estimated Fees: Proposed scope with a fixed fee for known, well-defined tasks and hourly-based fees for less defined/structured work or a combination of both.

Making It Happen:

Please explore the rest of the website where we discuss the above topics in more detail. Then, if you decide you like what you’ve seen and/or want to learn more, please Contact Us. We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to determine if we have the services you need, in the time that you need them, at a price you can afford.