Revenue Enhancement

The Challenge of Increasing Revenue

“Nothing happens until a sale is made.” An old adage perhaps; however, it has been proven time and again. Growing the top line of the business becomes more important as costs are controlled because more of the revenue will flow to the bottom line.

The necessity for revenue growth can be triggered by external factors such as an improving economy or changing competition; and/or, internally via the introduction of a new product or service, enhanced marketing programs, improved profitability, etc. Gaining maximum exposure and advantage in the marketplace requires a thorough understanding of your markets and customers, a sound sales and marketing infrastructure, an innovative product development program and excellent customer service.

Often a temporary infusion of complementary skills, expertise, or experience that your company does not have and does not need on a full-time, ongoing basis provides the added knowledge and resources to take full advantage of revenue enhancement opportunities. Outside assistance can be focused on planning, diagnosing, and solving root causes of revenue generation problems and/or providing a blueprint, coaching and management to transform existing organization structures and processes.

Our success is measured by your success. The following is a list of different service dimensions that can be mixed to provide that short-term expertise to help optimize your next growth period:

Product Planning and Management

  • Product Planning
  • Product Creation and Innovation
  • Product Management
  •  Pricing

Channels and Strategies

  • Channel Assessment
  • Channel Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising and Media Management

Marketing and Sales Infrastructure

  • Organization Design
  • Establishing and Managing a Sales Funnel
  • Salesperson Compensation

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Customer Communications


The following paragraphs describe two examples of how we put our knowledge and skill to work by leveraging one or more of the above listed Revenue Enhancement service dimensions to the benefit of the businesses we helped.

Example One - Product Planning, Channels and Strategies

Directed the efforts to refocus the business of a very early stage online, science education company. This required a complete rewrite of the business plan and creation of new financial projections, as well as construction of a new chart of accounts. Worked with the accountants and legal team to revalue the company and begin a new and larger round ($1million to $2million) of private equity financing.

Result: Positioned the company for greater success.

Example Two - Revenue Restoration and Management

Led 12+ person team which assessed and solved the root cause of problems critically impacting a new order entry, shipping, and accounts receivable system for an $80 million annual revenue regional soft drink bottler and distributor. Problems included erroneous and missed shipments, incorrect invoices, lost customers, decreased cash flow, increased working capital loans and potential business failure. Manual workarounds were improvised to stabilize operations and repair cash flow while replacement applications were developed and implemented quickly and successfully.

Result: Revitalized, perhaps even saved, the company by enabling it to regain cash flow, repay and stop working capital loans, recover customers and return to profitability.

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