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Executive Consulting Team

Doug Martin

A senior consulting executive who envisions business opportunities, establishes high performance organization units and leads multiple teams in the development and company-wide implementation of high impact solutions mandated by today’s economy. Has significant cross industry experience in many business and information systems functions ranging from start-ups and mergers/acquisitions to operational problem solving to information systems design, construction and implementation. Key consulting skills include entrepreneurial experience, strategic thinking, innovation, problem solving, quality assurance and high performance team building. Computer-related Expert Witness and Purchase Contract Consulting Services are also provided. Doug Martin's Resume.

EXPERIENCE (over 30 years): Crisis Management; Turnarounds; Reorganizations; Cost Reductions and Downsizing; Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence and Planning; Interim Management; Program and Project Management; Information Technology Planning and Management; Requirements Definition; Software and Hardware Evaluations; Systems Design, Development, Distribution and Support; Software Implementations; Content Management Strategies

INDUSTRIES: Consumer and Industrial Products, High Technology (including software), Public Utilities, Real Estate Development and Construction, Federal Government

Larry White

International sales and marketing executive who has run companies in both manufacturing and high-tech environments. As a national consultant, works at any or all three of the following levels at his clients' organizations: (1) with the CEO and his/her management team, co-develops the company's strategic business plan as well as assists in the plan's implementation; (2) with the head of sales and marketing, strengthens internal processes for improved sales performance; and (3) with key employees, coaches them in a strictly confidentially fashion in their personal and professional development.

EXPERIENCE (OVER 25 YEARS): Development/implementation of top-line growth strategies, sales process improvement, product development, market analysis/development, new product launches, business alliance creation, sales team management, and integrated marketing. Uses consultant-leader approach in providing change management for organizations in transition, interim general management, turnaround situations as well as start-up challenges, and large program/project management.

INDUSTRIES: High Technology (including instrumentation and software/hardware products), Telecommunications (internet access services), Industrial Manufacturing (automated capital equipment), Construction/Engineering Services (energy and commercial), Not-for-Profits, and Peer-to-Peer Industry Alliance Associations.

Affiliated Consultants

Art McNeil

Managing Partner and primary contributor to the blog and Chairman of several CEO think-tanks (Vistage CE Groups) in and around Tampa Bay. Mr. McNeil is a keynote speaker and the founder of Achieve, one of America's leading organization and leadership development companies. He is also the creator of the Baton Management System, a self-directed intervention that helps the CEO make a company more profitable, secure, and valuable.

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