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The following resources are available to the public from time to time and are always available on a contract basis if you would like to have them tailored for your business.

● Learn how to Solve Business Problems The First Time.  Ensure the problem doesn't reoccur by Solving a Problem's
   "Root Cause(s)" Not Its Symptoms
. Discover an effective step-by-step method for business problem solving. Practice
   using it in the workshop's case study exercises. Click on this link to learn about our Business Problem Solving Workshop
   and how to get one customized and presented just for your team.

● Acquire a comphrehensive, systematic, self-directed approach to allow your company to shake its dependenece on you as
   rainmaker, decision maker, visionary, leader, manager and holder of many key roles associated with the company's
   success. By preparing your company to function at a high level of performance without your hand on the tiller every day,
   you allow your company to achieve a high valuation and make it easier to sell. If you own a business you are considering
   selling, you owe it to yourself and your company to evaluate the Baton Management System.

The following resources are available at no charge for your use:

● Need additional financing?  Determine the appropiate funding source by the maturity level of your company. Click on
   this link to view the Funding Source Matrix that lists the funding sources typically available to companies at each stage
   of their existence.

● Compare your budgeting practices to the ones we have found to be successful. Click on this link to download and view
   a copy of our "Top Ten" Budgeting Practices.

● Learn when to use a management consultant, how to select the right one and how to interact and manage the consultant
   to gain maximum advantage from their assistance provided to your company.   Click on this link to download or view a
   copy of our whitepaper titled: Securing Value From Your Management Consultant.

● Ensure you are being served by your consultant with the same professionalism we provide to our clients.   Click on this
   link to download or view a list of ten things your should expect from your management consultant:
   Business Consulting Group's Client Bill of Rights.

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