Aligning Business Strategy, Brand Promise and Best Practice
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The Challenge of Envisioning Strategy and Developing a Business Plan

Achieving success in today’s competitive economic and business environment requires a well thought-out strategy supported by realistic plans. Whether your strategy is low-cost provider or sustained differentiation, it is essential the vision, mission and business strategy align with each other, and the operational, financial, HR and information systems plans are driven from that strategy.

Group meetings should be used to ensure timely participation by all stakeholders, rapid achievement of consensus and integrated results documentation. Dynamic strategic alignment ensures all vision ideas are represented in the mission and all mission components have a rationale in the vision. Similar “strategic alignments” should be performed on the mission and strategy, and the strategy and critical success factors. To ensure plans are used, at least one performance measure with target results should be defined.

Once the strategic framework is established, operational, financial, HR, and information systems plans are developed. This usually includes in-depth discussions that determine discretionary funding levels for research and development, capital spending and marketing/business development. Also, discussions may include outsourcing one or more business functions.

The planning process should be properly completed with a change management plan that starts with creating a shared vision, commitment and accountability throughout the organization; and concludes with necessary process reengineering and technology projects.

The methodology described above is applicable for a new, growing or mature company and we can help. The following are services that can be mixed to help your company create a sound business strategy, develop focused plans and establish the appropriate process, systems and organizational infrastructure:

Business Strategy Facilitation

● Group Meeting Facilitation

● Strategic Alignment of Vision, Mission, Strategy and Critical Success Factors

● Performance Measure Definition and Target Selection

Business Strategy Development

● Marketing Strategy

● Product Development Strategy

● Financial Strategy

● Financing Strategy

● Information Systems Strategy

● HR Strategy

Business Planning

● Operational, Financial and Information Systems Plan Preparation including Discretionary Funding Determination

● Line-of-business Planning - Product Development; Order Management and Fulfillment; Supply Chain Management;
   Production Planning and Management; and Distribution and Shipping

● Corporate Infrastructure Planning - Human Resources, Accounting and Information Systems; and Help Desk/Call Center

● Change Management Planning

● Outsourcing Analysis

● Business Case Development

For specific examples of these services, please click - Illustrative Accomplishments

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