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REVENUE ENHANCEMENT - Illustrative Accomplishments

Revenue Crisis Management

Led 12+ person team which assessed and solved the root cause of problems critically impacting a new order entry, shipping and accounts receivable system for an $80 million annual revenue company. Problems included erroneous and missed shipments, incorrect invoices, lost customers, decreased cash flow, increased working capital loans and potential business failure. Manual workarounds were improvised to stabilize operations and repair cash flow. Replacement applications were developed and implemented quickly and successfully. Result:Revitalized, perhaps even saved, the company by enabling it to regain cash flow, repay and stop working capital loans, recover customers and return to profitability.

Revenue Protection

Developed process improvements, organization structures, system architectures and implementation plans for a large subsidiary of a $7 billion financial services company. Led team of executives and staff to determine “best practice,” “best personnel”, “best systems”; defined new process, organization and systems structures for the combined business. Result: Protected $10.9 million specialized revenue stream. Improved process efficiency and a 108-person staff reduction saved $11.4 million annual recurring costs.

Improve Revenue Stability and Predictability

Minimized budget and staff growth for a global software and services business during rapid growth. Analyzed workflow, researched “best practices” and reengineered the processes to focus on value-added activities. Changed product development from on-demand, incremental releases to three planned releases per year. Reengineered the product support question and issue resolution process from a first-come, first-served model to a level of problem severity gets the more experienced analyst model. Instituted cross-training/job rotation within development and support. Staff grew 20% in two years, active customers grew 600%, from a base in the U.S. to Europe, South America, Australia and Africa. Estimated user counts grew over 1300%. Result: While the service rating remained an “A”, cost per customer dropped from $47,000 to $13,500 and cost per user plummeted from $4,700 to $460.

Revenue Restoration

Managed the financial turnaround of a large applications service provider that performed information processing for retail, healthcare, construction, manufacturing and major league sports teams. Financial challenges were overcome by accelerating collections of receivables, negotiating extended payment terms for accounts payable and establishing a job cost accounting system to understand and manage the profitability of customer services contract. Result: Gained positive cash flow within two months and achieved profitability within six months.

Revenue Creation

Implemented new product worldwide for over 500 global corporations. Established and led a 30-plus person worldwide business unit that designed, developed and supported large scale project management software for a top-five global consulting company. Support included authoring documentation, developing and delivering education, creating marketing materials and establishing a 12 hours by 5 days worldwide telephone and e-mail customer support center. Collaborated with corporate attorneys on development of a standard license agreement. Used external and internal marketing, industry influencers and “word of mouth” success stories to generate demand. Result: Product was developed, implemented and supported successfully at over 500 sites in 20 countries which enabled over 5000 worldwide users to increase productivity and quality of implementation projects with annual worth over $500 million.

Revenue Infrastructure Improvement

Facilitated operational turnaround of the back office of a large west coast Florida commercial property management company. Project included removing a processing bottleneck; redesigning workflow, job descriptions and organization structure; re-implementing accounting applications; rescheduled closing cycles and computer operations; realigned responsibilities and retrained existing staff. Result: Processing which could not finish overnight was completed by 3:00AM, closing cycles were reduced from twenty to seven days, past-due rents reduced 90%, overtime dropped to almost zero and department morale improved.

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